Real-time dynamic scanning of global markets. Discover unique trading opportunities as they happen around the world.

RadarScreen, TradeStation’s powerful real-time opportunity scanner

With RadarScreen, traders can monitor and track dozens of symbols with the technical indicators that they want to look at, at the intervals they want to look at, all in real time, all in one window.

Exclusive to TradeStation

Exclusive to TradeStation and powered by EasyLanguage, RadarScreen is a powerful real-time opportunity scanner, customizable to suit each trader’s unique needs. Finding opportunities in global markets has never been easier.

Real-time Sorting and Ranking

RadarScreen allows traders to scan and sort thousands of global stocks, futures, currencies and more. The ability to display and rank hundreds of symbols based on technical alerts, as they happen, allows traders to find real-time opportunities other can easily miss.

Customizable Market Scanning

With simple Easylanguage coding, you can turn RadarScreen into a customized market monitoring system. Create your very own symbol lists and then scan and sort them based on your custom-built indicators to zoom in on opportunities as unique as your trading style.

Technical Indicators Scans

Each row in RadarScreen is equivalent to a chart, with access to the same real-time and historical data, and hundreds of built-in and customizable EasyLanguage indicators.

Dynamic Sorting and Ranking

Using RadarScreen, you can sort and rank symbols dynamically in real time.

Custom Alerts and Alert Scanning Features

With RadarScreen, you can create custom alert rules and powerful visual alerts. Fully customizable scanning is made possible by EasyLanguage, TradeStation’s full-featured programming language designed for traders.

RadarScreen Technology at a Glance

RadarScreen can take your trading to the next level. Trade the global markets with confidence and spot opportunities as they happen.

Each row is a chart with access to historical data. Any row can be set to any time-based bar interval.

Display real-time and unique visualizations of trade opportunities

Populating the window is easy. There are built-in symbols lists and symbols filtering abilities

The power of EasyLanguage

TradeStation's RadarScreen feature is powered by EasyLanguage. This means that you can extend it to meet your own unique trading needs or use it to create fully customizable alerts and watch lists.

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See it in Action

The Art of TradeStation: RadarScreen
In this session, Michael Burke showcases RadarScreen, TradeStation’s powerful real-time scanning tool. He’ll demonstrate a number of innovative and useful “RadarScreen-centric” indicators and workspaces to help you find trading opportunities others traders just can’t identify. All examples used will be available for free download.

Real-Time Opportunity Scanning with RadarScreen
Learn how to use RadarScreen to build scanning models that can uncover trading opportunities in real time. Topics discussed include building smart watch lists, dynamic sorting and ranking, and alert scanning features. Examples showcase some of the powerful ways in which RadarScreen can take your trading to the next level.

Learning TradeStation - Filtering Symbols and Real Time Scanning
In this video you will learn how to: • Add Symbols and Columns in Radar Screen • Add Studies and Enable Alerts in RadarScreen • Sort and Enable Notifications in RadarScreen • Filter Symbols Using Hot Lists • Use Sample Scans in the Scanner • Create Custom Scans in the Scanner Watch on YouTube

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